Baby Can Wait has been created for you.  We know you want straightforward answers to questions about your body, sex, and relationships but don't always know where to go to ask.

We highly recommend you talk to your parents, guardians, or trusted adults.  But, if you're not comfortable with that, this site is here to give you some answers to your questions.  Pregnancy is a big deal, don't let anybody tell you it's not.  So, check out this website to find out more about body development, the locations of health care providers, or straight up learn more about sex and how it can affect your life.


Spring into Safer Sex

What does safer sex mean to you? Does it mean using birth control consistantly, having condoms available for you and/or your partner, or does it mean not having sex at all? Dust the cobwebs off your sexual health know-how and dig into our site for useful information!

Did you know that Milwaukee has one of the highest rates in the nation for Gonorrhea infections and that most people don't have any symptoms at all? Find out more here.

Did you know that wearable condoms are only one of the many types of birth control available, and there's likely one that will work for you?  Find out more here.

Did you know that there are several clinics in our area that provide free & confidential sexual health services? Find a listing here.

Did you know that parents and caregivers are the best sexuality educators for you? It's a tough subject to bring up - for parents and for youth - but you can find information on how to have those talks here.

Did you know that a girl can get pregnant before she has her first period? What about being able to tell that someone has a sexually transmitted infection by looking at them? Or that you can't get pregnant if you pee right after having sex? Test your sexual knowledge by checking out these myths - and then go out and ask your friends!

Do you know what consent means and that a person should give consent every time they have sex, not just the first time? Did you know that teens have sexual rights too? Check out our information on sexual violence to learn more! 

Keep looking around our site to find more information and learn what you don't know. Share this with your friends and trusted adults, make a quiz or a game out of it - and then make sure to like BabyCanWait on Facebook and let us know what you've done or just to ask a question that you can't find the answer to here.



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